July 16, 2011

Curvspiration ...


I'm not gonna lie, there are times I stand in front of the mirror, push out my tummy, squash my neck into a double triple chin and sulk. It's times like that I need a little curvspiration.

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Melissa said...

I agree that curves (especially proportionate high end plus-size model curves)should be celebrated. I'm plus size myself and would kill to look as good as the girl modelling your designs! But don't we all need to face the fact that any obese or morbidly obese woman should be worrying a lot more about what her size is doing to her health rather than her wardrobe? Of course many women can have a presumably obese BMI and still actually be in perfect health, but for most of us we are killing ourselves with our weight, cutting years off our lives. It's so sad. Why do we crave our size to be accepted and normalized instead of just putting in the work and losing the weight? A size 14-16 is still sexy and curvy and a lot healthier. This is what I beat myself up over.