May 31, 2011

Pene's boobs!

Ok because I love Pene and her boobs so much I wanted to check out the latest campaign she's modelling for at the mo. Regular readers of my STYD column may remember my unhappy bra incidents from the past. I'm pretty picky when it comes to bras. My preferences are for good shape and no boob cellulite. I was quite impressed to find this style. I love that it's smooth on the front and the lace detail doesn't show through. The straps aren't too wide either which means I can wear singlets. Bonus.
Here's a pic of Pene in the Playtex Secrets Supersoft Hidden Underwire. Obvi cause I'm not going to pose in my undies.

1 comment:

Chelsea Bonner said...

HAHAHHA love it Megan, but i agee she does have great boobs!