August 11, 2010

Oh my god is this taking a long time or what?

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to get this party started! Tomorrow is my last day at Grazia. I’m finally jumping off that cliff of regular employment/income. Sob! I’m going to miss it but I CAN. NOT. WAIT. for Monday. All my samples will be fitted and we’ll do our last minute tweaks next week before organising my LOOKBOOK!!!! Seriously the lookbook is the bit I’ve really been looking forward to. Somehow it all seems more real when you’ve got everything photographed and retouched beautifully and laid out in a cute little catalogue for everyone to see. Must be the graphic designer in me. Stay tuned for behind the scenes pics.


Dani said...

Hi Megan,

Am an avid STYD fan and discovered your column a few issues ago - love it!!! Very inspiring, super funny. Will be following your progress. Can't wait to see Damn You Alexis out there!

Connie Ng said...

Congrats!!! Time really flies and it's all happening for you!!!!

You are my inspiration!:D