July 21, 2010

Brain haemorrhages and retractions

Just a quick update to say I'm not dead. Although I am close - working three jobs (yes the column counts) isn't all it's cracked up to be. Apparently my blood pressure is through the roof so my head could LITERALLY explode from the stress of it all. How’s that for a visual?
Little disappointed with how slowly things are progressing but I've set a concrete deadline for all samples to be finished. August 16. That week is going to be a killer. I'm hoping to finish the samples, shoot the lookbook, shoot the clothes on a mannequin (which is currently being shipped over on the SS Cosco Kawasaki - v exciting), get everything up on the website, organise everything to go into production and start a massive PR/pre-sale campaign. Why would my head explode??
Please run out and get a copy of Shop til you Drop - my column will be a regular each month until readers send enough hate mail into the Ed to get her to stop. Oh BTW my mum wants a retraction - apparently she got married in matching Moroccan denim embroidered kaftans with white jeans underneath, not jumpsuits. My bad.


Anonymous said...

Megan, I think that what your doing is incredible! I cant wait to see your label... and probably buy half of it the second it comes out.
Sorry my computor wouldnt let me send you an email... coz it wouldnt show me your email address.
Could you please put your email here.. or email me at
i'd love to have a chat to you.
I love your column in Shop every month, as soon as i get it yours is the first i read. I love it!

Thanks so much for everything you do!

EJ said...

Love the outfit and hair in the September issue!

Starshopper said...


I'm desperate for those shoes but I cant seem to find them in Wittner. Are they still coming out or did I miss them?? Help!!!