June 16, 2010

Plus and size … two four letter words

I’ve come across lots of different ways to describe plus-size on my journey. Curvy, bootylicious, rounded, womanly. My favourite? Well ... I trust the Chinese to tell it like it is.
I've spent quite some time searching for a mannequin to shoot my clothes on. It has to be facing forward, hands by its side and not chucking a pose. That’s not easy to find. Most mannequins have exaggerated skinny arms with one leg forward. If I shoot my clothes on these mannequins then I etch out the clothes, they are going to look very strange indeed. VERY. STRANGE. INDEED. I kept searching the words “plus mannequin” into a wholesale website with mostly Chinese suppliers but I wasn’t having much luck. Until I realised they don’t call these mannequins plus-size … they just call them fat.

Nice. I guess they just don't have that much call for plus-size so they’ve never had to develop “softer” terms for describing it. China, I kinda like your honesty.


Katie said...

Hi Megan!
China is a very interesting culture. On the one hand they don't sugar-coat things and aren't concerned about political correctness. On the other hand, I read that 'ugly' girls are feeling pressure to have cosmetic surgery just to get a job. The whole thing is crazy really, because I think that mannequin's body is hot and I wish I looked like that! (er, with a head though...)
xx Katie.

Megan said...

Hi Katie, I totally agree with you. I think the mannequin is hot – and technically she’s a size 16! It’s such a shame that anyone would feel such pressure to get plastic surgery. I would hate to have to lose weight just to get a job. The way I look has nothing to do with the quality of my work!

Connie Ng said...

Hi Megan,

Actually it's interesting the Chinese supplier called plus sized "fat".

Because when we speak in Mandarin, we typically described "fleshier" individuals as "looking prosperous"...;)

So I don't know where that blantantness came from. Most likely attributed to a bad translator...:D

Frances said...

I much prefer 'fat' as my adjective. Short and to the point.