April 9, 2010

… and a little off topic

And so while I wait for my patterns to be made, my labels, swingtags and cards to be printed and my website to be coded I’ve got a bit of time on my hands. Rather than researching grants or seo tips or anything useful I’ve got an unnatural obsession with where I’m actually going to run this business. I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment with a VERY FLUFFY, SHEDDY cat. Not suitable for storing fabric or clothing. So I’m looking at office space – useless, expensive and soulless office space. Which I found uninspiring until I realised rather than renting an office I should just move! Of course! So now I’m obsessed with a new apartment. Just need to convince my husband … and shave my cat.

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uglygirl said...

Hi! Loved your article in STYD magazine. Good luck with your label.