March 4, 2010

GOLD … ahhhh … always believe in your soul. You've got the power to know, you're indestructible. Always believe in … you are GOLD!

As you might be able to tell, I’ve developed an unnatural obsession with gold. Not the Spandau Ballet song although it is … gold … but rather the colour. For the longest time it was taboo, relegated to medallion wearing hairy-chested 50 year-old-men, Versace-encrusted Queensland resorts and oh-so-tight gay spandex shorts (Kylie’s hotpants aside, although I’m sure no straight stylist thought of those). Sigh, after years of silver my heart has melted in a puddle of metallic sunshine. It’s the way it warms up your skin tone, highlights your tan and reflects off your body to make you look sunkissed – golden even. It’s like your very own Kleig light strapped to your body, without the third degree burns.
“So what” you say “I wear gold … look, I have a bangle, drop earrings and I’m sure there is hardware on one of my bags of the stuff. Why have you subjected me to singing Spandau Ballet lyrics in my head all day?”
Because it’s amazing! And I love it! And I’m pretty sure it’ll make you look ten years younger! It’s true, I’m sure L’Oreal has done a study on it. So I’m thinking a strong shouldered gold brocade corset dress for SS 10/11 would be … well, GOLD!

1. Camilla and Marc cutout mini dress
2. Camilla and Marc cinder corset dress
3. Pringle of Scotland metallic technical-taffeta skirt
4. Milly metallic wool mini skirt

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