February 15, 2010

Ahh inserts, will you be my Valentine?

So I thought I’d start with a discussion on something I’ll probably never get a chance to produce cause that’s the kind of crazy wild-eyed fool that I am. Hands up who loves this Theory draped leather jacket … no really put your hands up Detroit cause I’m in luuuurve. Everyone seems to be doing these shawl-affect jackets at the moment but I’m especially loving the cotton-blend jersey inserts in the arms and the back of the Theory Robena Airy piece. I love it when plus-friendly details like this are introduced by designers; it makes my job so much easier. Now if I can just find myself an awesome leather supplier I’d be right.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi I just love that someone else is finally going to do fashionable plus size clothing in Australia!
I used to make shoes and bags and NSW Leather co is where I used to get my leather, the guys in there are great and will help you with whatever you need and their pretty affordable.
Good luck and I hope to be shopping with DYA very soon!